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The Neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen

The Neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen

The name Hell’s Kitchen is derived from the story of Dutch Fred the Cop, who was a veteran police officer. He observed a small riot on West 39th Street and said to his partner, “This is hell itself.” Today, the neighborhood is considered to encompass 

How Much Should a 10×10 Kitchen Remodel Cost?

How Much Should a 10×10 Kitchen Remodel Cost?

A kitchen that is a hundred square feet in size is a decent size for a modest-sized house and doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, a 10×10 kitchen remodel may cost as little as $15,000 to complete. However, it’s important to note that 

What is the Effect of Oven Cleaner on Kitchen Countertops?

What is the Effect of Oven Cleaner on Kitchen Countertops?

Using an oven cleaner to clean your countertop may have an adverse effect on the color and surface of your countertop.

It may cause your countertop to lose its natural color and may eventually become unrepairable.

It can also damage wood countertops, especially if they are painted or varnished.

Additionally, some woods will absorb the chemicals and become softer.

For these reasons, you should always check the label before using any type of oven cleaner on your countertop.

What is the Effect of Oven Cleaner on Kitchen Countertops? – Kitchen Care

Caustic soda

Sodium hydroxide and caustic soda are strong chemicals that can eat away at stone kitchen countertops.

They are also carcinogenic and highly toxic when ingested.

They should not be used on bare hands, but you can use them to clean ovens.

The chemical reacts with the kitchen countertop’s sealant and creates a boiling reaction that will remove grease and grime.

Caustic soda is one of the most powerful cleaning substances known to man.

It breaks down organic materials by stripping away their molecular bonds.

It works by breaking down a compound called an ether.

Sodium hydroxide is similar to alcohols, but it does not form hydrogen bonds with itself.

Therefore, it can dissolve a variety of solutes more easily. It dissolves grease, oil, resins, and waxes.

You can also use a mixture of baking soda and water to remove stains from stainless steel countertops.

This mixture can be applied with a cloth. Using this method is a great way to clean your kitchen countertops without compromising the integrity of your counters.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, you can even refinish your countertops with this method.

During the refinishing process, the countertop will be restored to its original shape.


While an oven cleanser may be effective in removing stubborn grease and stains from ovens, it can damage your kitchen countertops.

While oven cleaners contain powerful chemicals, they are not recommended for use on countertops in the kitchen.

These chemicals can discolor countertops, erode the color of your stone and tile countertops, and even cause food poisoning.

To prevent damaging your kitchen countertops, use natural cleaners and use only a professional home inspection company to perform a thorough inspection.

Wooden kitchen countertops are especially vulnerable to the chemicals found in oven cleaners.

Chemicals from the cleaner penetrate the protective layer of wooden counters, making them feel soft and sticky.

In some cases, the wood might harden again and require refinishing.

If you’d like to avoid this problem, clean your countertops with a nonabrasive cleaner made of white vinegar and warm water.

Dry wooden counters thoroughly after cleaning. To reinforce the protective seal, use wax or oil to protect them.

Stone counters are more resistant to oven cleaners than other surfaces.

Most stone kitchen counters are natural stones, such as marble or granite, while quartz countertops are manmade and engineered.

The latter two surfaces are coated with specific pigments. A mild dish soap and water solution can also be used to clean Formica countertops.

This is because stone countertops are harder than other countertop materials.

If you’re looking for an oven cleaner for your kitchen, make sure you check for the label on the product.


It’s difficult to remove the Lye effect of oven cleaner from your kitchen countertops, but luckily, there are a number of simple remedies for this problem.

While baking soda and water can do a great job of removing the stains, you may be able to slow down the corrosive effects of lye by using vinegar or baking soda.

This can also weaken the corrosive effects of oven cleaner and leave your countertop with a natural appearance.

The Lye effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops can cause irreparable damage to laminate or tile counters.

Because lye attacks the surface of laminate and tile, it will eventually damage grout and potentially cause permanent structural damage.

This can also create a potential hazard for food contamination.

Lye is also not good for your health or the environment, so you should never use it on your kitchen counters.

Ethanol contains chemical compounds that can damage stone counters and vinyl countertops.

Hardwood worktops can also become discolored if they are exposed to ethanol and lye.

The Lye effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops is particularly serious for wood countertops.

Wood countertops will absorb lye more easily than other materials, and after being exposed to the chemical, the finish will be stripped from them.

Fortunately, these stains will eventually fade, but it may also result in holes in the finish.

In addition, the damage to the countertop’s finish may also increase the risk of bacterial contamination.

When Does Hell’s Kitchen Come on TV?

When Does Hell’s Kitchen Come on TV?

If you are wondering when will Hell’s Kitchen come on TV, you are not alone. This TV show has previously been canceled and renewed, so you should be excited to see the new season when it premieres. In this article, you will learn the Casting, 

How to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink With Standing Water

How to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink With Standing Water

If you are trying to unclog a double kitchen sink, you may be wondering what you should do. Here are some tips to help you clear the clog: Can You Use Salt to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink With Standing Water? Salt is an anti-clog 

Why Should You Pay a Kitchen Appreciation Fee?

Why Should You Pay a Kitchen Appreciation Fee?

When you’re in the market to buy a new kitchen, you’re likely to encounter a few charges that are unfamiliar to you.

One of these fees is the kitchen appreciation fee. This fee is optional and helps restaurants reduce turnover by increasing employee satisfaction.

You might wonder why you should be paying it.

The bottom line is that you should pay it if you value your kitchen. The following are some reasons why you should.

Kitchen Fee – Why Should You Pay a Kitchen Appreciation Fee?

Yvonne’s charges a 3 percent kitchen fee

Some restaurants have started charging their customers a 3% kitchen appreciation fee, which is sometimes called a “hospitality surcharge,” on their check.

This fee helps bridge the wage gap between front and back-of-house workers.

Some of the restaurants that have adopted this practice include Yvonne’s, Sweet Cheeks Q, Centre Street Cafe, Brassica Kitchen + Bar, Mamaleh’s, and Night Market.

Other restaurants include the upscale burger chain Bestia and the popular Boston eatery, The State Park.

To cover its costs, Yvonne’s collects surcharges at the end of the night and divides the money among employees.

The restaurant plans to start charging a similar fee at its sister restaurant, Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar. On Dec. 1, two San Francisco restaurants rolled out a three percent kitchen fee.

Guests at both locations were charged an extra $3.69, which Bort calls “a reasonable amount.”

Yvonne’s aims to reduce employee turnover

Yvonne’s restaurant is trying something new to keep its employees happy.

It’s introducing a 3 percent surcharge on guests’ checks.

Its managing partner, Chris Jamison, says the surcharge is a way to bridge the wage gap between kitchen workers and servers.

While kitchen workers earn more than the $11-an-hour minimum wage, their take-home pay still falls far short of the tips that servers receive.

The idea was first conceived at Bestia in Los Angeles, where owners introduced a similar surcharge without seeing a drop in customer numbers.

Tres Gatos charges a 3% hospitality fee

On Dec. 1, 2015, Tres Gatos and Centre Street Cafe implemented a three percent hospitality fee (HAF) on guest checks.

The change was meant to pay higher wages to back-of-house kitchen employees.

In the past, the BOH employees received lower wages than the front-of-house staff.

The HAF is expected to raise the average wage at both restaurants.

As a result, the two restaurants plan to implement a similar fee at their other locations.

In recent months, some restaurants in Boston have begun adding a 3% hospitality fee to diners’ checks.

Some of these establishments call the fee “kitchen appreciation” and are attempting to bridge the wage gap between front-of-house and back-of-house staff.

Other places, like Sweet Cheeks Q, have adopted a similar policy.

Centre Street Cafe and Brassica Kitchen + Café have implemented the charge in their Boston locations.

Centre Street Cafe adds a 3% service charge

Some Boston restaurants have begun adding a 3% service charge to diners’ checks as an optional “kitchen appreciation fee,” which is meant to bridge the wage gap between front and back-of-house staff.

These restaurants include Sweet Cheeks Q, Yvonne’s, Bar Mezanna, Tres Gatos, Mamaleh’s, State Park, Brassica Kitchen + Cafe, and Centre Street Cafe.

Those restaurants are not the only ones, though.

Centre Street Cafe and Tres Gatos are two restaurants in Jamaica Plain that have decided to level the playing field for all employees by implementing a 3 percent service charge.

These restaurants also charge an automatic 15 percent gratuity on service bills.

This practice is expected to help balance the pay between front and back-of-house staff, and will likely increase the bottom line.

Neither of the two restaurants will change the price of their meals, but they will start adding the charge to customers’ bills as early as November.

How to Tighten a Kitchen Faucet Handle

How to Tighten a Kitchen Faucet Handle

Tightening a kitchen faucet can be a tricky task. You can do it yourself if you know how to tighten a faucet handle, but be careful because the screws are very delicate. Before you begin tightening the handle, turn on the water distribution lines under 

Wall Color For Kitchen With Gray Cabinets

Wall Color For Kitchen With Gray Cabinets

If you’re considering using gray cabinets in your kitchen, you might find that you don’t know what color to choose as a wall color. But there are some easy tricks you can use to pick the perfect color. These tips include knowing the undertones of 

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Kitchen

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Kitchen

In order to stay alive, sugar ants need food and water. This is why they will work hard to find a food source that is far from their current residence.

The best way to get rid of sugar ants in kitchen is to prevent them from entering the room.

You can get rid of them with baking soda, Borax, kerosene, and birch tar.

These methods are highly effective and are safe for people and pets.

Baking soda

Inspecting your kitchen for ants can be a daunting task, but you can use baking soda to eliminate them.

These ants are attracted to sugar, which makes them natural ant bait.

Applying a layer of baking soda on the affected area will keep the ants away, and it also kills them in the process.

The mixture will make the ants explode, making them easier to remove.

You can even apply it to ant bites for temporary relief. You can apply a thin layer of baking soda to the affected area, and within minutes, the ants will be dead.

Another benefit of baking soda is that it is completely safe for humans to handle.

The salty taste is not unpleasant to humans, so it is a safe alternative to chemical-based insecticides.

The latter, of course, require that you wear protective gear and ensure that your home is ventilated properly.


The first step to get rid of sugar ants is to identify their entry points.

The easiest way to do this is to follow the ants’ trails. You can follow their trail by putting sugar and borax on the surface.

Next, mix borax and powdered sugar together. This mixture should be placed near trails of ants.

Place cotton balls soaked in the solution near the trails. The sugar and borax mix will repel them.

Borax is a mineral that is naturally occurring. It can be found in topsoil, rocks and plants.

Borax was first discovered in ancient Kashmir and Tibet. Since then, it has spread to other parts of the world and has many uses.

It is a versatile substance that has been used for centuries in pesticides and herbicides.

If you have ants in your kitchen, you should use this natural substance to get rid of them.


There are various ways to kill ants and get rid of them permanently.

One of the most common ways is to use kerosene. It is safe to use but has a strong odor and is not very effective.

If you’re considering this method, you should make sure you understand the risks associated with it.

This article will provide information on other methods that are safer than kerosene.

Home remedies for sugar ants can help ward off ants for a period of time.

But you should remember that these remedies can’t get rid of the main ants in your home.

Moreover, you should also keep in mind that sugar ants have many workers and they can multiply quickly.

Hence, it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible. Kerosene is the most common and effective way to get rid of sugar ants in the kitchen.

Birch tar

A common organic remedy to kill sugar ants is birch tar. It can be purchased in any drugstore kiosk for about 50-150 rubles, depending on its brand and region.

In addition to being a great solution for ants, birch tar can also be applied to plants to prevent them from developing infestations.

Besides being effective against sugar ants, birch tar is also great for other kinds of pests, including fire ants, yellowjackets, and white ants.

If you’ve tried birch tar to get rid of sugar ant colonies in your kitchen, but it’s still not effective, you can use cinnamon.

Cinnamon repels sugar ants, and it’s an excellent decoction for cleaning.

Just make sure to mix it with brown sugar and place it in the area where the ants are entering.

Ideally, you’ll want to place as many bait stations as possible in the affected areas to get rid of sugar ants fast.


You can buy ammonia treatment. Many cleaning products contain ammonia.

These include glass cleaners, floor cleaners, disinfectant sprays, and pet stain removers. You can also buy ammonia-based carpet cleaners.

But, if you are worried about ammonia, you may want to try a different method.

There are a lot of effective methods that will kill ants without using toxic chemicals.

Another way to kill ants is to mix baking soda with ammonia.

Its smell and taste are both unpleasant to ants, so you can use it as bait.

Make sure you do not let the solution get wet, otherwise the ants will just reapply it.

If you find ants in your kitchen, sprinkle ground black pepper around the entrances.

Using this method, they are unlikely to enter your kitchen.

What Is a Gourmet Kitchen?

What Is a Gourmet Kitchen?

A gourmet kitchen is designed with a more efficient layout to maximize space. They have separate areas for food preparation and storage, as well as a more organized design. Cabinets are typically white and countertops are typically made of quartztite, a natural stone that is